Case Studies

Wisdom Teeth:

Lower wisdom teeth horizontally impacted and close to inferior alveolar nerve

 lower impacted






Inverted lower wisdom teeth with an associated follicular cyst

 lower inverted 





impacted wisdom teeth







Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery:


Correction of Class III anterior open bite 

Before images:                                                                                                                                                        After images:

profile pre

 post profile















 pre orthogpost smile








  post orthognathicpre orthognathic









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Fractured Jaw

Before Surgery Image

fracture before








After Surgery Image

after surgery







Sinus Lift/Implant Procedure


pre sinus








After Sinus Lift Procedure:

sinus before







After implant placement:

post sinus lift







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Before Implants - patient has three lower teeth absent and requires implants placed to complete her arch

 implant before opg






After Implants - Implants were successfully placed

 opg after





After implants healed: Crowns in place

after crowns






Implant-retained bridge after sinus-lift procedure 

implant retained bridge opg






The prosthetic attachment(teeth) are screw-retained into the implants

implant bridge nobel








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Patient required all periodontally infected and carious dentition to be surgically removed and All-on-4™ implant procedure performed.


a on 4 b4pre opg all on 4







all on 4 post opg

 post all on 4







internal all on 4 post all on 4  









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Zygomatic Implants

Patient presents with an existing mini-implant retained denture where 2 of the 4 mini-implants had previously failed. Due to a severe loss of bone volume the solution for this lovely patient was to place 4 zygomatic implants and one regular implant to support her denture.

pre   post








Before:                                                                                           After:

Patient presented fully edentulous (all teeth missing). Two lower implants were placed with locator abutments to support a full mandibular denture.

pre   post






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